Hidden Mother


Hidden Mother is a duo for scenic music, that integrates sound rituals and performance art in their shows. Instead of traditional instruments they use various sound objects and requisites. In a show with Hidden Mother, the single pieces are assembled to an unbroken, well choreographed experience. Inspired by mysticism, religion and psychology, Hidden Mother creates a flow of sound and images that opens up the imagination. Hidden Mother both dandles and shakes the audience - and crosses the border of comfort. The audience is rather participants than observers.


Hidden Mother performed over the last years at festivals such as Ruhrtriennale (Germany), Transart (Italy), UNM Festival (Sweden), AterTeater (Italy), Halle 6 München (Germany), Klusterfestivalen (Sweden), Vindöga festival (Sweden) och Sound Of Stockholm (Sweden).


"[...] that with brilliance leads us through the pieces, one more difficult than the next, with seriousness, musicality, humour and great, great integrity. It is a frightfully skillful performance."

- Ingeborg Okkels, Seismograf

"Hidden Mother is a contemporary ensemble, whose members combine high musical competence in their instrumental skills with an intelligent research for new formats and presentations in a rare-to-find quality"

- Heiner Goebbels


Hidden Mother: Magdalena Meitzner,  Ulrik Nilsson

Current Projects:


Öländsk Svit

by Alexandra Nilsson

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The Tower of Silence

by Jens Hedman