Wave Dash

with Camilla Hoitenga - flute



Upcoming concerts

2020 UNM John Donals Robb Composers´ Symposium

A festival of New Music

Feb 2nd - 5th 2020, Albuquerque

sponsored by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee


Wave Dash will premiere: 

Richard Hermann: Bone Flute-Partials

Peter Gilbert: Channeling the Waters

Lei Liang: Lakescape

Lauren V Coons: A Cup of Flowing Water

José Luis Hurtado: Umbra

Levi Raleigh Brown: These Mountain Peaks (I Drink)

Gabriel Gonzales: Beaucoup

Joshua Aguiar: Chateau


Percussionmasterclass: feb 3d 2020





Lisa StreichCOUPETTE

Christofer Elgh: Neeijj

Anne LeBaron: Kamma Vipaka

The pieces were commissioned in collaboration with the Swedish Art Council and premiered 2019-08-31 at Musikens Hus Katrineholm.

Review of Helsingborgs Dagblad from a concert at Dunkers 2019-09-14