Wave Dash

Coming up summer 2019:

Wave Dash (with Camilla Hoitenga, flute) commissioned works from Anne Le Baron, Lisa Streich and Christofer Elgh.  All three composers are asked to use their creativity not only for sound but even for the visual aspect of the performance by involving movement, sound installations, self built instrument and more. The composers will include literature in different ways: Christofer Elgh rewrites the poem "Neeijjj" by the swedish writer Sonja Åkesson in his own musical language. Lisa Streich is referring to Peter Handkes idea about duration ("Dauer"). Anne LeBaron composes a contemporary version of japanese Noh-theater, an old samurai tradition that tells different stories about archetypes like the hero, the ghost or the divine play. 

We are looking very much forward to play the new pieces of this amazing composers!



Lisa Streich: Dauer

Christofer Elgh: Neeijj

Anne LeBaron: Kamma vipaka

In collaboration with the Swedish Art Council, Musikverket and Scenkonst Sörmland